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By selling custom fit, custom built golf clubs that are easier for you to use.

A good fitting gets a golf club that’s easier to hit and easier to control in your hands.  That allows you to hit the “sweet spot” with a square face- meaning straighter, longer shots!



What a Set of Custom-Fit Golf Clubs Does For You:

  • Improves the quality of impact
  • Maximize your distance potential
  • Improves your accuracy
  • Gives you more consistency
  • Increases your ability to have fun on the course



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I deal with a few different companies.  The most notable:

  • Hireko Golf
  • Tom Wishon Golf Technologies
  • Penley (golf shafts)
  • P2 Grips (putter grips)

There is a price point for everyone.  I sell my ability, not the clubs.

What that means is, at Green Lantern Golf YOU decide how much you want to pay for clubs*.  

 Everything you get will be quality.  Quality components, and a quality build.  Just because you didn’t pay as much doesn’t mean you should get less. 

If you have a set that just needs a tune-up, we can do that, too.  Aside from our custom-fitting business (available in person if you live in or travel to the SW MI or NE IN areas), we have what’s called retrofitting.  We’ll be happy to get those old clubs playing like new again!



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A single from a set of X-24 Hot irons I recently reshafted and regripped!

As you can see in the sidebar, Green Lantern Golf also has an online shop: The Green Lantern Golf Store!  Check it out- we sell Penley golf shafts, P2 putter grips, and a few other things!


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Green Lantern Golf also offers coaching.

The goal is to utilize golf swing techniques and thoughts that are not only more efficient, they’re easier to repeat.  Things that you can work on, even at home!


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If you’re still unsure, here’s a couple of quick links to some resource hubs:

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Take a look around! We have Penley golf shafts, P2 putter grips and more!


* – Based on the base price.  All clubs have a base price, how much you spend from there is dependent on you.  EXAMPLE: a set of Acer XV irons with Apollo Standard Stepped Steel shafts and Karma Tour Velvet grips will be $400.  For example, if you wanted to swap out the Apollo’s for KBS C-Tapers and the Acer’s for TWGT’s 755PC’s, the cost will rise.