6 Golf Training Aids Under 20 Dollars

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Getting good at golf takes practice.

The good news is, you don’t always have to go through the hassle of finding time to hit the range- you can do it in your back yard!

Here are 6 golf training aids, all under $20, that you can use to get better.

Note that these are affiliate links, and I’ll love you if you click and buy one or more of these… but I also think it’s my responsibility to make you’re aware of cheaper alternatives where applicable.  If you’re interested in the quick route, buy the products; if you’re into saving money, use my DIY methods.

#1. SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer ($14.99).  The closest you can get to hitting a real ball- especially useful if you have a small back yard or can only do this at a park.

Sorry, but this one has no DIY alternative I can think of.  No practical one, at any rate…  If you have the skill, you could drill a hole into a shag ball, thread a rope through it (knotting one end, to keep it from flying away) and attach it to a dog chain anchor.

Not gonna lie: it’d be pretty janky.  And there’s a possibility the ball could explode, depending on how old the ball you intend to use is.  Here’s a video of a guy drilling into one, and it’s kinda freaky how much gas came out of the ball- at two separate times!

#2. SKLZ Pro Rods ($17.99).  It’s best to visualize your set-up like a set of railroad tracks.  The ball is one “rail”, your shoulders are the other.  These rods help you perfect that set up.

DIY Alternative: Go to your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, etc., and find Driveway Markers.  They’re fiberglass rods, just like the “golf rods”, but at a much-reduced price.  I bought a pair at Home Depot for less than $6 total.


#3. SKLZ Ball-First Trainer ($19.60).  It’s proven that making “ball then turf” contact is best for hitting it pure.  It’s the basis for Bobby Clampett’s book, “The Impact Zone”, a book I highly recommend.

DIY Alternative: Any flat object.  A towel, piece of cardboard, a poker chip- something to let you know you hit the turf before the ball… AKA hitting it “fat”.

The idea is to place the object 6+ inches behind the ball.  When you swing, you wanna avoid it.  If you hit it, you know you’re letting go of the release too soon.

#4. Golf Impact Labels ($17.50 for 50 pack).  It’s always a good idea to know where on the face you’re making contact with the ball.  Remember, a miss of just a half an inch will rob you of about 7% of your possible distance!


DIY Alternative: sunscreen.  Yup, just dab some sunscreen on the face, slather it to cover the whole thing, and away you go.  It looks like this:

2 ways golfers use sunscreen

It’s not just for keeping you healthy!


#5. Putting Aid for Golf ($19.50).  This tool recreates the “Gate Drill”, which helps you maintain a square face with the putter at impact.

DIY Alternative: two books or magazines.  Just lay the books on the ground, spine to spine, and accomplish the same thing.  If you’re out at the course and on the practice green, you can do this with two tees.  It looks like this:

gate drill

#6. Elixir Golf Swing Trainer Brace Band ($16.90).  It’s not a good idea to cup your wrist at impact.  What I mean is, you don’t want your wrist to bend as if it was trying to make your knuckles touch your forearm as the clubhead’s hitting the ball.  You add loft at impact, which means a high, weak shot.

When your wrist’s flat, you present the face with a more delofted face.  At worst, it’ll have the loft that was designed into it.  That means you’ll get that “penetrating” ball trajectory that carries to its highest potential.

DIY Alternative: A credit or library card.  Yup, a thick card, like a credit or library card, will do the same thing.  You stick it into the back of your glove halfway.  While you swing, if at any point the card digs into your wrist, you’ll know you cupped it.  For example:

6 golf training aids under 20 dollars

Just enough “ouch” to force you to make some swing changes!

There’s something to be said about negative feedback…


That’s it- 6 golf training aids under 20 dollars- and 6 DIY alternatives- to help you get better on your own time!  Hope you enjoyed it!

 Got any others?  Why not add them in the comments section! 

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